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At Delta, we work diligently to manage, maintain, and market your properties to obtain and retain quality tenants. We labor to not only protect but also maximize your investment so that you can realize long-term income and capital appreciation.

The staff at Delta is relationship-oriented. We believe that profitability and growth are realized through a client’s long-term satisfaction. We strive for this by achieving the highest rent levels possible while safeguarding a high level of occupancy, by maintaining and enhancing building value through proactive maintenance, and by keeping tenants happy with both the physical condition of the property and with the clarity and accuracy of their accounting records.

Long ago we adopted a policy of full transparency, and that’s how we operate with all clients, whether large or small, sophisticated or new to property ownership.  Our books and records are open at all times, original backup is presented along with maintenance invoices when requested, and there’s a strict prohibition against accepting favors or making “special arrangements” with subcontractors.

In summary, This Is How Delta Operates:

  • Integrity, transparency, and full disclosure are paramount.  We do not charge add-on fees for site inspections, court appearances, and indirect office overhead costs.  We make no “side deals” with contractors nor do we accept “gifts”.
  • Rents are collected in full, when due.  Maintenance schedules are set, expenses are forecast, and problems are dealt with proactively.  We also analyze opportunities to reduce major expenses such as insurance premiums and property taxes, bringing in outside experts as appropriate.
  • We use state-of-the-art, cloud-based, customized property management software to handle collections, payments, bank reconciliations, reporting, insurance tracking and maintenance functions. Rent deposits, for example, are credited instantly via desktop scanning of checks. Increases and renewals are executed when due so that property value increases.  Any opportunities for the recapture of expenses are fully exploited.
  • We have an in-house maintenance department which offers our clients cost savings as well as greater control by Delta over the timeliness and quality of work.  When in-house is not the best choice, we have established relationships with licensed, bonded, insured vendors to provide you with quality services and products at the best rates.
  • Performance and pricing are reviewed regularly.  Major repairs are bid out to more than one contractor.  And you’re always free to request that we work with a contractor of your choice.
  • Development of positive tenant relations distinguishes Delta from our competitors.  Tenants are not annoyances or mere numbers, they are customers.  Satisfied tenants don’t leave; long-term retention means lower costs and higher returns.  In sum, tenants who feel appreciated mean successful properties.

We appreciate the opportunity to be considered for the management of your portfolio.  We take great pride in the fact that we’ve built a stable company in a competitive and constantly changing industry.

Our experience coupled with our philosophy produces excellent results. We’ve been perfecting our services since 1992 – let us show you how you can sleep better while your investment grows in value.

To learn more, please call us at 310-282-8181 or complete this form.